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If you’re in the market for a home unit for boxing, you’ll find that the Nexersys system offers amazing benefits for the price that you will pay. This deluxe home unit for boxing retails for just under 3k at larger online retailers, and it’s provided me with superlative performance. Read my full comprehensive Nexersys review for …

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Nexersys ReviewIf you’re in the market for a home unit for boxing, you’ll find that the Nexersys system offers amazing benefits for the price that you will pay. This deluxe home unit for boxing retails for just under 3k at larger online retailers, and it’s provided me with superlative performance. Read my full comprehensive Nexersys review for more info and check it out at Amazon.

I purchased the item in order to practice martial arts at home. Since I chose this system, I’ve experienced dramatic gains in fitness, while also enjoying the ultimate convenience that comes from being able to perform a comprehensive and intense workout, right from the comfort and privacy of my own residence. In order to help you learn about my experience with the Nexersys system, I’ve created a helpful quick guide.

By sharing the product’s many advantages with you, I’ll help you to decide if it’s really right for you.

Product Features and Benefits

By selecting this system today, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple benefits that add up to superlative overall fitness. Because this high-end unit allows you to enjoy high-intensity interval training, along with “personal trainer” features, it’s different from all of the rest.

This computerized system stores profiles for up to five users, and it offers immediate results, as well as workout history data, in order to support training goals in real time. If you want an intuitive, easy-to-use system that is all about superior boxing and MMA fitness, you’ll find that this machine, which offers so many interactive features, is incredibly impressive.

Since it comes with seven strike pads that feature a trio of axis accelerometers, it makes it possible to enjoy a great workout, day or night. If you want feedback on your strike count, you’ll find that this unit has the accuracy that you’re looking for. Because it’s loaded with appealing features, including a built-in computer that comes with a 19-inch screen, it’s guaranteed to provide a truly interactive workout experience.

Super-versatile, this design is crafted from professional-grade materials that will definitely stand the test of time. In addition, the frame design provides users with superior stability every single time that they utilize the system. Anyone from five feet in height to six-foot-four may enjoy this system, as it’s meant to adjust for different height requirements.

Because it’s an “investment system” that will deliver fitness benefits for years, I rate this product five stars, and I know that plenty of other real-life users give the unit the same high ranking. I’ve tried other systems in the past, and they simply can’t touch the effectiveness of this device, which is in a class of its own. It’s the interactive features and the high-quality construction that make this system special. I wanted quality, and I was willing to pay for it. By ordering the system online, I was able to get a lower price on an authentic Nexersys system.

One bonus of having a home system is being able to share it with family and friends who also enjoy doing MMA/boxing workouts. Quite often, I’ll invite people over, and they’ll take turns using the system. In this manner, my buddies and I can enjoy accessing targeted data about our fitness levels and fitness goals, which we use for comparison purposes. Checking out each other’s results and stats keeps us motivated and competitive.
So, this social aspect is yet another impressive advantage of choosing this superlative home system. If you have lots of people around you who are also into boxing and MMA fitness, you’ll find that sharing the system with them is pretty entertaining. In fact, it’s turned my home basement into a social hub. It’s truly like having my own gym or dojo.

If you prefer to work out alone, you’ll find that this system gives you the ability to get the sort of workout that you’d typically only be able to access while working out with a partner. Because this interactive system allows you to track your fitness and workout results so effortlessly, it’s like having a sparring partner, workout partner or personal trainer on permanent standby.

I bought this unit because I was tired of the expense and hassle of going to the gym. I work out a lot, and going to the gym frequently gets really expensive. Aside from membership fees, there’s also the hassle of waiting for the gym machines that I want to use, dealing with lockers, group showers, parking and other time-wasting aspects of working out in a public place. By investing in this unit, I bypass so much stress and red tape, and I’m able to take total control of my personal fitness. There’s no reason to choose another system. I researched them all before buying this one, and I can tell you honestly that it’s a cut above the others. Because its quality is so superb, it offers me a private gym workout, right in my own basement.

Order Your Own Nexersys System Today

Now that you know more about this remarkable MMA/boxing fitness unit, why not order your own system? To get the best price, while also enjoying tons of convenience, be sure to comparison-shop online. If you don’t have time to check out prices at an assortment of online retailers, consider using a free online interface, such as or Either of these platforms will allow you to compare systems and prices across different online retailers. Always order from a reputable online supplier with a great business reputation – Amazon is one example.

These days, I’m lean, ripped and very powerful. I feel more masculine than ever before. However, this system isn’t just for the guys. It’s great for ladies, too.
Make the most of your personal fitness by ordering your own Nexersys system today. While it may feel like a significant financial investment, when you consider how much you waste on gym fees and related expenses, it’s actually one heck of a bargain.

When you check other online reviews for this product, you’ll be able to see just how impressive this unit is. It gets glowing reviews in almost every case, so it’s truly a premium product that will pay for itself over time, in terms of providing you with ultimate workouts that make you feel your very best.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask about something that I missed in my Nexersys review.

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